Procedure to establish a joint venture company

Establishment Joint Venture service – Dai Ha Law Firm provides consultancy law services to set up joint venture companies for the foreign invested individuals, organizations and businesses in Vietnam.

Step 1: Consulting legal regulations relating to the establishment service of joint venture

+ Lawyers will advise to set up joint-venture companies and other matters relating to investment preferences, investment conditions and other regulations relating to foreign investors in Vietnam in according to the provisions of law.

Mọi vấn đề thắc mắc về Pháp Luật đều sẽ được giải đáp và tư vấn

+ Lawyers will advise types of enterprise and organizational structure for joint venture companies in order to select the good model and structure;

+ Consulting business careers, project objectives for joint venture companies planned to be established;

+ Consulting the investment capital, charter capital and location of the head office of the company and the location of the project for the joint venture company planned to be established.

+ Consultingtax laws relating to the establishment of joint ventures;

+ Lawyers advise about the legal capital of the joint venture which intends to be established (suitable for each business career and type of enterprise).

+ Advising on internal issues of joint ventures planned to be established (Model and organizational structure, operating and operating methods, relationship between management positions, rights and obligations of the shareholders, the proportion and method of capital contribution, other relevant contents).

Step 2: Completing the dossierand the service of setting up the joint venture

After consulting and gathering information about establishment of a joint venture, a lawyer will complete the dossier for establishment of an enterprise or investment project:

+ Dai Ha Law advises and completesthe minutes of meeting of founders, shareholders / members of joint venture companies before establishment;

+ Lawyer consults and completes the decision to establish a joint venture company in Vietnam with the legal entity investor;

+ Consulting and completing the business cooperation contract / joint venture contract;

+ Completing documents relating to registration / request for issuance of investment certificate:

+ The lawyers complete the dossier relating to the explanation of the investment project and the formulation of the investment project in some casesin the licensing examination.

+ Consulting and compiling the regulations of the joint venture

+ Compiling the member list (list of shareholders)

+ Notarizing, translating and compiling related documents.

Step 3. Representing to carry out procedures for licensing the establishment of joint ventures

+ Filing application for the investment certificate.

+ Following the processing and notifying the results of the submitted dossiers;

+ Representingto explain about the issuance of investment licenses in the relevant departments;

+ Receiving the investment certificate at Department of Planning and Investment;

+ Receiving the seal sample registration and company’s seal certificate;

+ Registeringenterprises’ tax code;

Step 4: Transferingthe joint venture certificateto customers

After completing the task of setting up a joint venture, we will carry out procedures for handing over the joint venture certificate, the legal entity seal, other relevant documents and upport for foreign-invested enterprises after their establishment.